I’m Tina M. Klein, single mom of three beautiful girls that have grown up on me. After my divorce, I struggled financially like a lot of single moms sometimes having to rely on help from others to keep all the bills paid and keep food on the table. In 2008 I found the power of couponing which not only allowed me to save money for my own family but to give back to my community also. I started looking for ways to inspire others to give back to their communities also. Many of you know me as Super Coupon Woman, Follow my journey of going from a single mom to paying it forward over $100,000 in my community and going strong. I will show how you can coupon and save money that could allow you to start your own pay it forward mission.

With the prices of food skyrocketing, this book can help you learn how to coupon to help cut the cost down. I am offering the kindle version for only .99 because I want to get it into as many hands as possible to help everyone save money in their everyday lives and inspire others to pay it forward in their communities.

Happy Paying it Forward!

Super Coupon Woman